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If you need textbooks or want to return old textbooks, please visit the YMS Library during regular school days and hours.

If you want to return YMS or any FUSD school’s library books, please visit us during our operating hours and we can assist you.

If you are a student enrolled at YMS and your FUSD-issued HP or Lenovo laptop computer is broken and you need a replacement, visit the YMS Library during your lunchtime or ask your teacher to come during class if it’s urgent. We can also replace broken or lost power cords for your HP or Lenovo student laptop.

If you physically broke your FUSD-issued laptop keyboard or screen, there is a $40 damage fee.

If you lost your power cord, there is a $5 replacement fee.

If you lost your FUSD-issued Lenovo laptop, there is a $100 lost device fee.

If you need technical support during school holidays or after regular school hours, call the Family Learning & Technology Support Center “FLATS” at (559) 457-3939. You can also visit them online at: https://flats.fresnounified.org

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